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What You Need to Know About Preservatives in Dog Food

Preservatives are commonplace these days, whether you’re referring to what you eat or what your dog eats. Although they’re normally found in virtually everything, there’s always that nagging feeling that maybe there’s something better out there that doesn’t contain as many preservatives. Well, you’re right. There is, especially when it comes to Fido’s food. There are two types of preservatives found in dog food, artificial and natural, and when you want to ensure that you’re feeding your best friend the very best food, artificial preservatives have no place in your dog’s diet. So, what are these nasty ingredients anyway and what is their purpose? Here's what you need to know about preservatives in dog food. The Purpose of Preservatives Preservatives,...

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How Important Is Healthy Skin and Coat for Dogs?

It’s only natural to want our canine companions to look and feel their best. After all, how can you resist those huge eyes, wagging tail and silliness that just radiates around them? Dogs are our best friends for a few reasons. They bring joy, companionship, comfort and love to our lives in a way that can most often be indescribable. If you want to do everything you can to keep them thriving throughout their lifetime, taking care of their skin and coat is essential. Healthy skin and a shiny coat are key indicators of a healthy pup, and it all starts with good nutrition. You want to see your dog gallop through the grass, roll around for belly rubs and...

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What Does “Balanced Nutrition” Mean for a Dog?

We have all heard that a “balanced diet” is a key to our own good health, but what does “complete and balanced” mean when it comes to our pups? (Hint, it has nothing to do with their ability to hold a treato on their nose without dropping it!) In this K9 Kitchen LLC post, we will cover exactly what makes up a balanced diet, why it is so crucially important, and how to get it. Read on! The Definition of Balanced Nutrition To put it simply, balanced nutrition means that a dog food contains the right amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals as stated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). To meet AAFCO standards, food...

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