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What Does “Balanced Nutrition” Mean for a Dog?

We have all heard that a “balanced diet” is a key to our own good health, but what does “complete and balanced” mean when it comes to our pups? (Hint, it has nothing to do with their ability to hold a treato on their nose without dropping it!) In this K9 Kitchen LLC post, we will cover exactly what makes up a balanced diet, why it is so crucially important, and how to get it. Read on!

The Definition of Balanced Nutrition

To put it simply, balanced nutrition means that a dog food contains the right amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals as stated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). To meet AAFCO standards, food needs to contain the recommended levels of nutrients, should feature proper labeling, and must pass a feeding trial. In addition to the name and intended species that the food is meant to feed, other details that are required to be present on a food’s labeling, include a quality statement, guaranteed analysis, ingredient statement and a Nutritional Adequacy Statement, signifying that it contains the proper ingredients to be considered well balanced. In being a well balanced food, this means that this can be a dog’s sole diet, without additional supplements needed for optimal health and nutrition.

The Benefits of The K9 Kitchen Food & Treats

Now that you know how well balanced dog foods are tested and examined for nutritional value, what are the benefits of choosing to feed your dog this high-quality food? Well, here at The K9 Kitchen, we work with a team of Vet Nutritionists, with PhDs in animal nutrition and over 20 years of experience in the field to ensure the quality of our food and treats. Because of this, you’re able to feed your best friend the nutrition they deserve. In addition to being high in nutrition, all-natural, containing no antibiotics, steroids or hormones, our food helps with:

  • Coat health
  • Healthy weight maintenance
  • Fewer trips to the vet
  • Improved longevity

When you choose better quality ingredients and a dog food that is Vet Nutritionist approved, you’re able to enjoy a happy, healthier pet. Feeding your dog the right amount of nutrients can make a huge impact on their overall health and well-being, so choosing a food that meets AAFCO standards is highly advised.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Dog

One of the best things you can do is learn more about who makes the food and who they have partnered with to design their meals. Choosing companies who work with Vet Nutritionists is always recommended. Vet Nutritionists know more about what our canine companions need in order to enhance the quality of life. Many dogs benefit immensely from eating foods high in nutrition, specially formulated for their needs. From a shinier coat and more energy to fewer trips to the vet and maintaining a healthier weight, natural, well balanced” dog foods can help your dog feel its best.


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