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What You Need to Know About Preservatives in Dog Food

Preservatives are commonplace these days, whether you’re referring to what you eat or what your dog eats. Although they’re normally found in virtually everything, there’s always that nagging feeling that maybe there’s something better out there that doesn’t contain as many preservatives. Well, you’re right. There is, especially when it comes to Fido’s food. There are two types of preservatives found in dog food, artificial and natural, and when you want to ensure that you’re feeding your best friend the very best food, artificial preservatives have no place in your dog’s diet. So, what are these nasty ingredients anyway and what is their purpose? Here's what you need to know about preservatives in dog food.

The Purpose of Preservatives

Preservatives, whether natural or artificial, have a common job…to maintain the quality of food, so that it doesn’t spoil quickly. For most pet owners, cooking a meal from scratch is not possible, which would of course limit the amount of preservatives that are contained in the meal. Instead, we turn to pre-packaged food, mainly bags of dry dog food or canned food, and this typically serves as a dog’s sole diet. Although it may be convenient, the amount of artificial preservatives found in much of this food is staggering.

Harmful Artificial Preservatives

It’s easy to see what’s in your pet’s food. All you need to do is turn the bag over and read the ingredients. If you see the following artificial preservatives on the label, it’s time to start feeding them something else, because these ingredients could be toxic to them. They include:

Many of these ingredients prevent fats found in food from spoiling, while some are chemical additives to keep the food fresher, making for a longer shelf life. Not only are these ingredients linked to various cancers in lab testing, they also increase your dog’s chances of developing sensitivities, allergies, asthma, digestion problems and other serious issues.

Natural Preservatives in Dog Food

There are some preservatives that are better for your pets, because they’re more natural and not made from synthetic ingredients. These ingredients can be made from vitamins C and E, as well as plant extracts. As an ascorbic acid, vitamin C helps keep food fresher, helping to keep it from browning and maintaining its color more effectively. Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of oils, efficiently maintaining the freshness of oil-based ingredients in foods. Various herbs and spices, including basil, clove, coriander and thyme have antimicrobial properties to help preserve fresh meats, fats and oils, which is why they’re frequently seen on the labels of natural dog food.

Steering Clear of Artificial Preservatives

The risks that artificial preservatives pose to your pet are far too great, considering that their bag of dog food is probably their sole diet. In opting for all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and steroid-free food, like the selection found at The K9 Kitchen, you’ll be able to have confidence that your pet is eating only the best. A simple glance at your dog food label will tell you everything you need to know about it. If you find any of the artificial preservatives mentioned above, it’s time to find your furry pal a new line of food to eat, so that they’re able to stay happy, healthy and full of energy for years.


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