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ANIMAL WELLNESS: Obesity in dogs and cats

The obesity epidemic in dogs and cats is still with us, even though most of us now realize that overweight animals are at higher risk of health problems. Why is this the case, and what can you do if your own dog or cat is on the heavy side?

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ModernDog: Good Guts: How to Improve Your Dog's Gut Health

Chronic disease and cancer are at epidemic levels. Why? In the 20 years of practice at my veterinary hospital, it became clear there was a very close relationship between these issues and the breakdown of gut health. This makes sense, since as much as 80 percent of your dog’s immune system resides in the gastro-intestinal tract. Signs of Gut Health Problems If your dog has vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite, those are pretty clear signs that’s something is up. But sometimes the signs can be much harder to detect. Leaky gut syndrome (gut trauma), for example, can be more difficult to spot. It can be behind everything from food allergies to digestive problems, ear infections, and, really, any common...

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TUFTS: Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Pet’s Food

s a veterinary nutritionist and someone who is passionate that pets get the best nutrition possible, it pains me to see owners standing in the pet store carefully reading ingredient lists.  And this is all too common.  In fact, our research studies have shown that most owners say that ingredients are the most important factor in selecting their pets’ food.  The problem is that the ingredient list is one of the most useless aspects of the pet food label!  While there are some regulations on the format of the ingredient list, it doesn’t tell us anything about the quality of the ingredients or if they’re in the right proportions. And the ingredient list is often used for marketing (Think those...

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