Gobble Me Gone (16 OZ)


No Chicken or Eggs in this Recipe!

Every ingredient in The K9 Kitchen Gobble Me Gone turkey based dog food recipe is formulated to provide optimal health and nutrition for your dog.  

Quality ingredients 

Ground turkey (93% lean), quinoa, sweet potatoes, green peas, carrots, sunflower oil, cranberries, chia seeds, fresh parsley

The Goods on The Goods

  • Baked 93% lean fresh ground turkey at low temperatures retains nutritional value and offers hearty calories keeping your dog alert and energized. 
  • Steamed quinoa is highly nutritious and a great source of fiber to keep digestion in balance. 
  • Flavorful sweet potatoes are baked to perfection.  Antioxidants resist disease.  
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, raw parsley keeps your dog’s breath fresh and maintains optimal oral health. 
  • Carrots are raw in this recipe for crunch and inhibiting tartar build up.  
  • Green peas are packed with fiber and vitamins, boosting your dog’s energy levels.  Great for weight loss too.
  • Cranberries are added for their beneficial antioxidants which decrease inflammation, alleviates allergies, improves bladder issues and fights bacteria. 
  • Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and iron and will contribute to a healthy coat. 
  • Sunflower oil is high in omega-6 and low in saturated fat. This oil can improve the look and feel of your dog’s coat. 
  • Gobble Me Gone is rounded out with a highly rated supplement. This canine specific supplement completes the nutritional profile of every serving.

This formula maximizes nutrition for the overall wellbeing and longevity of your beloved dog.
Not only will your dog love it, but you will have the peace of mind that you are feeding your loyal friend the best in quality, nutrition and taste.

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Key Benefits:

  • All-natural Ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches for consistency.
  • Each ingredient is thoughtfully crafted to retain nutritional benefit and taste.
  • Analyzed and confirmed by a Veterinarian Nutritionist for accuracy of nutritional values, recommended serving guidelines and verification of a complete source of nutrition for adult dogs.
  • No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy
  • No Fillers, No Dyes, No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Hormones to disrupt the natural rhythm of your canine’s system. 
  • Made in the USA (Beef is sourced from a local butcher)
  • Packaging is BPA Free.
  • Recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO adult maintenance dog food nutrition.
  • Cooked lightly or left raw for optimum nutrition.
  • Quickly Cooled, Packaged and Frozen for freshness.
  • Good health increases vitality and longevity.
  • Our healthy and wholesome wet dog food will have your dog excited about meal time.
  • The K9 Kitchen LLC recipes have been formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrition for adult maintenance.

Product Handling

Freeze or refrigerate upon receipt.   No heating required. Use within 7 days of opening.  Unused portions can remain refrigerated in the resealable BPA free package.

Recommended Serving Guidelines

Feeding Guidelines:  Depending on the age, activity level and condition of your dog, the feeding guidelines will need to be adjusted.  The normal daily feeding amount for a healthy adult dog:

Dog Size Amount of Food Per Day
5 – 10 lbs 4 – 8 oz 
11 – 20 lbs 8 – 10 oz 
21- 35 lbs 10 – 16 oz
36 – 65 lbs 16 – 24 oz
66 – 100 lbs 24 – 34 oz
101 – 150 lbs 34 – 48 oz

Food Type:  Wet
Life Stage:  Adult
Nutrition:  Complete

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 8 in