Healthy, Homemade, Chemical-free, Balanced Food for Dogs

Do you wish to?

✔ Guarantee nutritious value, taste and reliable quality for the
pet food you sell?
✔ Upgrade your competency by keeping all-natural, homemade dog
✔ Sell consistent and unswerving wholesome pet food to pet parents?

The K9 Kitchen LLC can be of great assistance for leveling up your sales in the highest standard all-natural, balanced healthy pet food!

Healthy Dog Food Bowl
  • How does K9 Kitchen LLC dog food benefit you?

Partner with us and witness yourself how your stores gain traffic and attraction from selling our product.
Our products will bring great contribution to your stores as The K9 Kitchen LLC is an all-natural, homemade, very healthy, and top of the line dog food company.

✔ We work tirelessly in making healthy foods without any harmful chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, or steroids.
✔ We do not make our foods in a factory setting but use a culinary kitchen and make small batches to ensure the consistency is 100% for each packaged pound.
✔ Our Pup-sicles are made from fresh fruits, vegetables and organic products.
✔ Each Pup-sicle provides nutrition for the dogs while delivering a satisfying taste.
✔ Our foods are carefully tested and verified by trusted veterinarian nutritionists.
✔ Our nutrition experts ensure that our foods and Pup-sicles are completely balanced for dog feedings.

  • Why keep our products on your shelves?

It is extremely essential to know the benefits of our 100% balanced and responsibly created dog foods. Introduce our natural and beneficial food for dogs of all breeds to your clients and we assure you that they will return with excellent feedback. We guarantee our consistency in health, nutrition and flavor for the pickiest of all dog breeds

K9 Kitchen products are:

✔ Nutritious
✔ Digestible
✔ Delicious
✔ Homemade in a kitchen setting
✔ Best for active organs and senses
✔ Immunity and Metabolism building
✔ Attractive Packaging

We sell products that effectively improve the strength and vigor of adult dogs. Comfort your clients parenting adult and aging dogs by our wondrous and plentiful dog food varieties.

  • Nutritional Facts:

Take your customers into confidence that K9 Kitchen LLC doesn’t compromise on health and fitness of their fury friends! Our dog foods contain:

✔ 93% lean meat, locally sourced
✔ Cage free eggs
✔ No fillers, dye, hormones nor any artificial additives and preservatives
✔ Several organic ingredients
✔ Lightly cooked, quickly cooled and then frozen
✔ Vacuum sealed packaging
✔ Punch of flavor and fresh taste
✔ High antioxidant and vitamin A, E value
✔ High protein diet
✔ Rich in mineral goodness

  • What’s on the menu::

✔ Beef-A-Licious
✔ Gobble Me Gone
✔ Kickin’ Chicken (grain-free)
✔ Wicked Watermelon Pup-sicle
✔ The Palate Pleaser Pup-sicle
✔ Harvest Belly Soother Pup-sicle
✔ Canta-Berry Fusion Pup-sicle

They amazingly impact the digestion and growth of adult dogs. Decide what’s best for the furry members of your clients’ family. Evaluate the impact of processed food with our profound homemade dog foods.

Build your trust in our services, for the love of dogs!

Contact us for shipments or testing. Visit our website to learn more about The K9 Kitchen!

Our fur babies love their new pup-cicles!The belly soother works wonders for a sensitive stomach!
Jaime Olivo
Jaime Olivo
12:25 09 Aug 20
So impressed with the owners of this company. They have taken so many extra steps to ensure that their products are high quality, delicious and nutritious! They truly love animals and that definitely comes through in what they are doing with K9 Kitchen ❤️🐾❤️
Vicki Maule
Vicki Maule
19:25 15 Jun 20
Our dog loves her food! Business owner is quick to respond, friendly, and delivered immediately. We were worried we wouldn’t have food for our dog during this confusing time of quarantine, but they came to the rescue! Will continue to order from The K9 Kitchen. Thank you!!
Fer Savannah
Fer Savannah
02:20 19 Apr 20
Our dogs absolutely love your food. Thanks for making food we can trust 😋
Lynndell Anzisi
Lynndell Anzisi
23:33 31 Jan 20
My Silky Terrier loves the food and the girls at the Fenway Park Farmers Market that helped me were extremely nice and helpful. Trixie and I will be back each Monday!
Kim Schulien Austin
Kim Schulien Austin
13:55 20 Jan 20
The best out there. With the highest quality food for your dog and back by a vet nutritionist. You can't go wrong with The K9 kitchen LLC products.
Corene Petitpren
Corene Petitpren
14:17 12 Jan 20