Let’s Stop Animal Cruelty:


This is a shout out to all animal lovers!

Join the K9 Kitchen LLC and be a part of a greater movement. We are thriving in the production of unprocessed, all-natural foods and treats for better growth and immunity of your growing or aging dogs. Our foods guarantee lesser trips to the vet and minimum chances of deterioration in your dog’s health. Join our quest to not only providing healthy and nutritious foods to your dogs but securing their lives against animal cruelty.

Why Support Our Initiative?

We are moving forth with devotion and perseverance in order to help the community grow and influence humanity around us. We strongly promote animal rights and try our utmost efforts to practice this notion.
The K9 Kitchen LLC is taking numerable steps like:

✔ Developing natural and nourishing foods for dogs
✔ Collaborating with partnering businesses within the community
✔ Donating to animal shelters

We feel extremely pleased in doing our bit to help the innocent lives of stray, sick and abandoned animals. They surely deserve homes, medications and healthy diets.

Buy The K9 Kitchen’s Handmade Bracelets:

The K9 Kitchen is proud to collaborate with trusted partners in developing and vending our exclusive handmade bracelets called “Stop Animal Cruelty Bracelets”. They are uniquely designed with small dog charms wrapped on orange ribbons which represent the slogan of standing against animal cruelty.

Let’s Donate:

Our team volunteers to eradicate animal abuse in plentiful community projects. We install donation boxes at our booth while attending or hosting animal health and security events in the community and collect donations while moving around farmer’s markets. How do we utilize these donations? Well, we contribute all the collections from our donation box as well as part of every purchase you make with our handmade bracelets, to well-acclaimed animal shelter organizations.

Let’s Give Them Secure Shelters:

We work closely in goodwill with The Cape Coral Animal Shelter, in Cape Coral Fl. Support us in our pledge to save animals and protect them in a secure animal foundation. This notable foundation ensures utter and responsible care of the secured animals, and allow generous pet parents like you to come and adopt your fur friends.

Every bracelet counts, buy one right away to save one animal’s life!